Council Meeting Minutes                                                                                             31 October 2019

   MINUTES OF Central Hawkes Bay District Council
HELD AT THE Municipal Theatre , Kenilworth Street , Waipawa
ON Thursday, 31 October 2019 AT 6.00pm


PRESENT:              Mayor Alex Walker

Cr Kelly Annand

Cr Jerry Greer

Cr Kate Taylor

Cr Tim Aitken

Cr Tim Chote

Cr Gerard Minehan

Cr Brent Muggeridge

Cr Kate Taylor

Dr Roger Maaka

IN ATTENDANCE: Mrs Monique Davidson – Chief Executive

                                 Members of the public, family and supporters of the Council.


1            Prayer

Mihi whakatau by Dr Roger Maaka.

2            Apologies



3            Declarations of Conflicts of Interest



4            Standing Orders


THAT the following standing orders are suspended for the duration of the meeting:

20.2 Time limits on speakers

20.5 Members may speak only once

20.6 Limits on number of speakers

And that Option C under section 21 General procedures for speaking and moving motions be used for the meeting.

Standing orders are recommended to be suspended to enable members to engage in discussion in a free and frank manner.




5            Report Section

5.1         Summary of Legislation for Council


Resolved:  19.63

Moved:       Cr Gerard Minehan

Seconded:  Cr Brent Muggeridge

1.   That the SUMMARY OF LEGISLATION FOR COUNCIL report be received.

2.   That, having considered all matters raised in the report, the report which includes the legislative information as required by Clause 21(5) (c) of Schedule 7 of the Local Government Act 2002 be noted. Carried


5.2         Appointment of Deputy Mayor


Resolved:  19.64

Moved:       Cr Jerry Greer

Seconded:  Cr Kate Taylor

1.   That the report on the APPOINTMENT OF DEPUTY MAYOR be received.

2.   That Council notes the appointment by the Mayor of Councillor Kelly Annand as Deputy Mayor.



5.3         Appointment of date and time of next meeting


The purpose of this report is to obtain a decision from Council on fixing a date and time for the first meeting of the Local Authority.

Resolved:  19.65

Moved:       Deputy Mayor Kelly Annand

Seconded:  Cr Tim Aitken

1.   That the report on the Adoption of the Date and Time of Next Meeting be received.

2.   That the first meeting of the Central Hawke’s Bay District Council be held on Thursday 14 November 2019 at 9.00am                                                               .Carried


6            Time of Closure

The Inaugural Council Meeting closed at 7.13pm.


The minutes of this meeting were confirmed at the Council Meeting held on 13 November 2019.


CHAIRPERSON ...................................................