Environment and Regulatory Committee Meeting Minutes                                          15 August 2019

   MINUTES OF Central HAwkes Bay District Council
Environment and Regulatory Committee Meeting
HELD AT THE Council Chamber, 28-32 Ruataniwha Street, Waipawa
ON Thursday, 15 August 2019 AT the conclusion of the Community Development meeting


PRESENT:              Cr David Tennent (Chairperson)

                                 Mayor Alex Walker

Cr Ian Sharp (Deputy Mayor)

Cr Tim Chote

Cr Brent Muggeridge

Dr Roger Maaka

IN ATTENDANCE: Joshua Lloyd (Group Manager, Community Infrastructure and Development)

Monique Davidson (CEO)

Bronda Smith (Group Manager, Corporate Support and Services)

Doug Tate (Group Manager, Customer and Community Partnerships)

Nicola Bousfield (People and Capability Manager)

1            Apologies



2            Declarations of Conflicts of Interest


3            Standing Orders

Committee Resolution  

Moved:       Cr Ian Sharp

Seconded:  Cr Tim Chote

THAT the following standing orders are suspended for the duration of the meeting:

·      20.2 Time limits on speakers

·      20.5 Members may speak only once

·      20.6 Limits on number of speakers

And that Option C under section 21 General procedures for speaking and moving motions be used for the meeting.

Standing orders are recommended to be suspended to enable members to engage in discussion in a free and frank manner.






4            Confirmation of Minutes

Committee Resolution  

Moved:       Cr Ian Sharp

Seconded:  Cr Tim Chote

That the minutes of the Environment and Regulatory Committee Meeting held on 28 March 2019 as circulated, be confirmed as true and correct.




5            Report Section

5.1         Environment and Regulatory Committee Update


The purpose of this report is to provide an update to the Environment and Regulatory committee on key activities.


Committee Resolution  

Moved:       Cr Ian Sharp

Seconded:  Cr Brent Muggeridge

That, having considered all matters raised in the report, the report be noted.




The following items were discussed as part of the Environment and Regulatory Committee Update:


·         Environment and Sustainability Strategy

·         Environmental Fund

·         Storm Water Resource Consent

·         BCA Review and Progress

·         Swimming Pool Regulation

·         Key Contract Procurements

·         Waste Management and Minimisation Plan

·         National and Regional 3 waters review

·         Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Project

·         Big Water Story Progress

·         Drinking Water Compliance

·         Leachate to Land Project

Cr Sharp asked when it was likely that the Tukituki Taskforce would reconvene.  It was confirmed that Mayor Walker and Mrs Davidson had a meeting with the Regional Council on 20 August to discuss.


6        Date of Next Meeting


This is the final meeting of the Environment and Regulatory Committee for the Council term.



Cr Tennent closed the meeting with a speech which thanked those involved in the areas covered by the Environment and Regulatory Committee.  Cr Tennent explained that, although some members of the Committee felt there was a lack of meetings, that he had full confidence in the quality of staff involved and did not want to waste their valuable time with any more of their time than absolutely necessary.

7            Time of Closure


The Meeting closed at 1.30pm.


The minutes of this meeting were confirmed at the Council Meeting held on 29 August 2019.